Wells The One Water Purifier


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  • Tankless water purifier – It is a tankless product with direct double tube technology. It can save energy by maintaining cold water generation time short and temperature lower to feel cool and fresh.
  • Hygiene sterilization system – It has a hygiene sterilization system that sterilize the entire flow path with sterilizing water once every three days.
  • Convenient LCD Window – You may use it conveniently with 2.8-inch full color LCD and wheel touch buttons.
  • Smart water purifier

The faucet turns by 180 ° to enable the discharge to a desired direction

and PIR sensor detects the human body to shorten the discharge time.

Wells The One Water Purifier

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Power Safety

•  This product is for AC 220 – 240 V.

Be sure to use AC 220 – 240 V power plug.

-It may cause an electric shock, fire or malfunction
• Do not use when the power cord is damaged or shaken.

– It may cause an electric shock, fire or malfunction.
• Please use the socket alone.

– It may cause an electric shock, fire or malfunction.

– It may cause the circuit breaker down due to overload
• Do not pull out the power plug or touch it with wet hand.

– It may cause an electric shock.


Product Specification

Item: Water purifier

Product name: Wells The One Water Purifier

Model name: WL973NRA-SG WL973NWA-SG WL973NBA-SG WL933NWA-SG

Rated voltage: 220 – 240 V ~, 50 Hz 220 V ~, 50 Hz

Rated power:
• consumption Cold water 0.85 A

Hot water 2100 W(Instantaneous)

• Hot water 2000 W


Product color



IP Class: IPX1

Storage capacity: Direct watering type

Cooling / Heating: Double pipe system / Instant heating

Main functions: water purifier, cold water, hot water, constant watering, continuous watering

Filter configuration

Step 1 Wells Multi Carbon Plus: Compressed Activated Carbon, Nonwoven fabric

Step 2 Neo Nano clean: Compressed Activated Carbon, Membrane, Nonwoven Fabric, Ceramic Ball

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