Samsung – SHP-DH537 Black


Pincode: 1 Pincode (Master Pin), Up to 100 User pin, 4 to 12 digits,
RFID (Smart key): 2 pcs RF Tags included,1 Up to 100 Tags can be registered
Key: 5 pcs included

Samsung – SHP-DH537 Black

Door Details

• Door Thickness: 40 to 60mm
• Door Applicability: Swing Type
• Door Direction: Left or Right
• Door Material: Wooden, Aluminum, Metal


• Power Source: 6V (AA Size 1.5V Alkaline Battery x 8each)
• Battery Life: 1 Year with an average use of 10x per day
• Emergency Power Source: One 9V Battery (6LF22)


• Weight: 2.7Kg (including both inside and exterior unit)
• Dimensions: Exterior Unit (81.9 mm W x 320 mm H x 66.8 mm D); Interior Unit (79 mm W x 290 mm H x 80.3 mm D)


• Intuitive LED Touch Pad: Orange backit touch pad helps you unlock the doorlock at night time.
• Child-Proof your Lock: With the assurance knob feature, you never have to worry about your child wanderingaway from home.
• Random Security Code: Before entering your password you will prompted to tap two randomly chosen digits,making it impossible to guess which
numbers you have entered by looking for smudges.
• Away Security Function: To prevent intrusion when a user goes out, this function generates an alarm soundwhen an attempt is made to
forcefully open the door from the inside
• Automatic/Manual Locking: can choose between automatic locking after 1 sec or manual locking by pressing double lock.
• High temperature alarm: if the inside of the house has a very high temperature, the door lock will beautomatically unlocked
• Password (Master Pin): only the owner who knows Passwords (Master Pin) can change information in the doorlock.
• User pin: set up to 100 user combinations 4 to 12 digits.
• Double Authorization Mode: enables double verification feature (Pincode+Key tag).
• Defense Mode: alarm will sound if someone opened the doorlock from the inside.
• Emergency Power Supply: in case of battery empty, can use 9V Alkaline battery to unlock the door.
• Volume Adjustment: can select from mute, level 1 or level 2.
• Multi-leveled security code entry mode: Prevent password leak by pressing two arbitrary numbers afterpressing password.
• Security Assurance: this mode is to prevent opening the door from the outside while someone is inside.
• Prank Prevention: this function generates an alarm sound and deactivates lock operation when the door lock is improperly handled from the outside. If a keytag that is not registered is used or a wrong password is touch five times in a row to open the door, an alarm sound is generated, and the door lock is deactivated for 3 minutes.

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