Puripot – M1


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It can inactivate Virus and Bacteria – Several studies on the inactivation of viruses and the bacteriophages by photocatalytic reactions have also been reported after various novel IFV outbreaks lately.
Fine dust / Particles Reduction –  The result indicates that the TiO2 PCO mesh unit is more efficient in removing fine dust particles than the non-treated polyester nonwoven fabric.
• The air purifier has an electrochemical photocatalyst unit coated with mesoporous structured titanium dioxide materials. This unit uses 460nm wavelength visible light to generate hyperactive hydroxyl radicals that ultimately break down VOCs by destroying the molecular bonds. This is the core part of the air cleaning process, and does not produce any byproducts that could be harmful to the human body.
• Superior Performance than HEPA filter, PCO Technology 1
• Superior Performance than HEPA filter, PCO Technology 2

Puripot – M1

The puripot M Series features mobile air purifiers with a lightweight, tumbler shape design. When traveling by car, it can be mounted on the cup holder to create a comfortable driving environment.

•DEODORIZATION – Strong deodorization by photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) of nano-porous structured titanium dioxide
•STERILIZATION – Strong deodorization by photocatalyst honeycomb unit with hydroxyl radical to remove VOCs, bacteria and viruses
•Compact Design – Perfect fit design to cup holders in vehicle or baby stroller
•Mood Lighting – Indirect mood lighting capability with internal blue LED
•Air Quality Monitor – Air quality monitoring with VOCs gas sensor and color indication of measured air quality.


Product Specification

Model name: Puripot M1

Main Function: Deodorization, Sterilization, Compact Design, LED Mood Light

Operating Mode: Low/Medium/High

Power Consumption: 2W

Power Supply: DC 5V/1A, USB C-Type Cable

Dimension: 175mm(H) X 72mm(W)
Weight: 320g
Area Coverage: 12m (recommended)
Operating Condition: Temperature: -10-60°C, Humidity: ≤ 90% RH

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