Loghome – LH710


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• Pincode: 1 pincode, Up to 3 to 19 digits can be registered
• SmartKey (RFID): 4 pcs included (2 pcs RF Tag, 2 pcs RF Sticker), Expandable to 50pcs
• Key: 3 pcs included

Loghome – LH710

Door Details

• Door Thickness: 40 to 50mm
• Door Applicability: Swing Type
• Door Direction: Left or Right
• Door Material: Wooden, Aluminum, Metal


• Power Source: 6V (AA Size 1.5V Alkaline Battery x 4each)
• Battery Life: 1 Year with an average use of 10x per day
• Emergency Power Source: 9V Square Alkaline Battery (Purchased separately, does not have polarity)


• Open/Close Button and Knob: manual opening/closing in case of fire or other emergencies
• Automatic Locking: door will be automatically locked in 1 second after closing the door
• Manual Locking: door does not automatically lock, need to press two digits on keypad or open/close button to lock
• Auto Locking Time: choose auto locking time from 2 to 9 seconds
• Reset Function: bypass to the 1-minute shutdown of system after 5 incorrect attempts
• Master Mode: uses Master Password which is required to be entered before any registration/deletion
• Deletion: can easily change pincode or delete registered users, done per access way
• External Dual Locking Function: lock will not open despite pressing open/close button inside
• Inside Dual Locking Function: a door will not open even though entering valid pincode from outside
• Fake Number Function: hide real pincode by entering random numbers before the real pincode
• Alert function: when a door is not properly closed, it makes 3 attempts to open the door and generate beeping sounds
to alert
• Intrusion and Prank Prevention Function: function to generate emergency alarm for 1 minute to prevent intrusion when
Fire detec tion func tion (Built in fire detec tion s ens or): When heat detec tion s ens or ins ide detec ts heat (60 ℃±10 ℃), it
thereis an attem pt t oope nad oor byf or c e automatically opens a door
• Sound Settings: adjust sound (Low → High volume)

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