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USPA is manufactured by Samhongtech.Samhongtechis one of the leading manufacturers of electronic bidet in South Korea with over 30 years of bidet experience and has the second-largest market share in Europe. INUS USPA is a global bidet brand more famous overseas than in Korea with30 years of bidet production technology know-how as Korea’s first pioneer of the bidet market, combined with technologies and design of Germany, Italy and France. Achieving recognition in technical skills, INUS products are sold in 54 countries worldwide including Europe. INUS USPA bidet is satisfying customers with sophisticated design and technology ahead of strict and particular quality standards of Europe, U.S. and Japan.

INUS – UB-6035RD

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Product Name: INUS

Product Model: UB-6035R
Product size: Short: 490mm | U-Shape: 504mm

•Comprehensive Features: Wash, Massage, Dryer, Heater

•Multiple Functions: Temperature & Pressure Control, Heated Seats, Self-Cleaning Nozzles, Adj Wash Position, Soft Close Seat & Lid, Power Saving, Deodorizer, Seat Sensor, with Remote Control

•Easy to Fit: U-ShapeShape (504mm length), Applicable for French Curves

•User- Friendly: DIY Installation (Easy to Install)

•Guaranteed Quality:1 Year Limited Warranty

•Philippine Version: English Buttons & Manual, 220 Volts, 60Hz

•Certifications: CE, UL, JET

•IMPORTANT NOTE: Measure Length of Whole Seat (Not just seat cover), End to End from Edge of Tank to Rim of the Seat (Excluding tank thickness) and compare with length provided

Variant - UB-6035R

Short, U- Shape

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